Derek Lynch has filed a full season entry for the 2010 ACT season. It has been 16 years since Lynch competed on the tour on a fulltime basis, but the time seems right to go back at it.

The last time Derek Lynch ran the tour, 1994, it was one year away from transitioning away from Pro Stock type cars to the cars currently utilized today. In 1994 Lynch won tour races which included the Oxford 250 and the Memorial Day Classic at Thunder Road. The fields at that time included names like Hanley, Dragon, Whitlock, Leighton, Zardo, Beede, Demers and Dion. At the ripe old age of 38, Lynch will now compete against the second generation of some of the same names.

“Although I know most of the guys that currently run the tour, I think the only guy I have raced with much is Brad Leighton who runs part time. When I ran in the past, the current tour king pins were running either Tiger cars or laying the ground work for the current tour”, stated Lynch.

ACT has seen the steadiest and strongest fields for tour type racing over the last 5 years. With it common to have 45-50 cars in the pits for each event, making the show is a cause for celebration. Lynch declared, “I am looking forward to the competition that ACT provides. All the guys have such good programs, that it makes you a much better racer competing with teams on that level. We may have some growing pains getting back in the groove, but I look forward to it. Tom runs a good show and the fans get their monies worth, that is the key to it all and why it is successful”

The ACT will feature a larger schedule than the last couple seasons. Although the travel will be somewhat of a factor, there is really not much other tour type racing closer to home for Derek. In the past 4 years he has competed on the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series which is a national tour that travels from coast to coast in Canada.

The ACT season kicks of April 18th at Lee, New Hampshire